Before and After

Photo Compositing and Manipulation
I used a different set of tools to assemble this photo.  Total experiment but I like the results. Logo was captured from the web, the Layers app was used to create "layers" duh, with transparencies and position shifts and background.  I used the gallery on the iPad to display the work then shot it with iPhone 4 and ran it through the Instagram app using the lo-fi filter.  
I'm fascinated by bridges.  The one in this composition crosses near Newport. 
From about 10 years of age, when a friend's brother had one of these Jaguars, it has always been a favorite design.  I saw this one at a craft fair in Weston, CT.  Out comes the iPhone.  A year later came the opportunity to give it a new life.  Imagine tooling through Chianti country in one of these.  
There are at least twenty layers to the composition with masks and textures grabbed from my photo files.  The map?  It was in a drawer upstairs.  Been there, but unfortunately I was driving a car we not so affectionately named the Toad.  
Hanging on the wall of a Kinsale Ireland restaurant called Fishy Fishy was a 4 foot metal sculpture of the daily faire.  I just wanted to return it to it's natural habitat  Or in this case my friend's pool.  
If you are ever near Kinsale, eat here, it's truly fantastic.  For the golfers out there it's only minutes from Old Head, where you'll find even more metal aquatic sculptures adorning the walls.
This poster was the anchor for a set of ten created for a wedding reception.  The theme was "jumping".   Appropriate don't you think?   Although the layering is not extensive is did require some of Photoshop's other fun tools like the content aware feature.  I needed a little more water for the composition so it was stretched.    The background is the lovely Hotel Santa Catarina in Amalfi, Italy.  It really is that awesome.  Not shown is the pool at the bottom of the elevator and just a few steps above the Mediterranean.
Looking at the situation differently.  That feels much better doesn't it?
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